Allegro Sound Lab was built in 2000, with its sole purpose and design to be a recording studio, and every detail planned out for supreme sound and creativity. Under the ownership of Phillip Babcock (former drummer for Little Jimmy Dickens), the studio has hosted an incredible range of talent in all genres. Allegro boasts four individually separated sound booths and one large recording room with clear lines of sight into the booths. Large thick glass windows give view from there into the spacious and comfortable control room, where resident engineer (as well as award winning producer) Aarom Meador sits at the controls.


The studio offers the highest quality sound equipment and software that will allow every instrument and vocalist to sound their best and better, and is ready to accommodate anything from a full band putting down their 8thalbum, to a solo violinist recording an audition piece, to a singer songwriter creating demos - and  everything in between. Coupling that with Aarom’s engineering brilliance, artists of all types, veteran musicians, and music professors alike are frequently left with an experience like they’ve never had at other studios, and walk away with a product that far beyond exceeded all expectations.