Aarom Meador

As the sole resident engineer/producer, Aarom is the heart and soul of Allegro.  20+ years of experience in sound engineering, mixing, producing, musical performance and theory allows Aarom to bring a lot to the table of any recording project.  
His passion for quality, attention to detail and incredible ears are equally paralleled by his ability to create a studio experience that clients repeatedly agree brings out their best performance.  He is remembered for his fun, caring, and easy to work with personality.  
Aarom has long had a passion for American roots music, including a vast number of western/western swing and singer/songwriter artists.  With multiple award winning projects under his belt, he has recorded and/or mixed for the likes of Red Steagall, The Quebe Sisters, Charlie Daniels, R.W. Hampton, Don Edwards, Reba McEntire, and Maren Morris. Come take a tour and visit with Aarom to begin the journey of capturing the best version of yourself.