Aarom Meador-Resident Engineer/Producer

Aarom is the heart and soul of Allegro, with over 20 years of experience in audio engineering, mixing, producing, musical performance, and music theory. Bringing to the table a lightning-fast engineering skillset, acutely tuned ears, and a strong passion for quality, he stands ready to take any recording project to the next level. 

He is almost equally known for his ability to create a comfortable studio experience. Remembered for his fun, caring, and easy to work with personality, clients have repeatedly praised this as the key to bringing out their best performances. 

Aarom has long had a passion for American roots music, focusing his craft on singer/songwriters that derive inspiration from traditional American and Texas music styles. He has been a crucial part of many award-winning projects with artists like Red Steagall, The Quebe Sisters, Charlie Daniels, R.W. Hampton, Don Edwards, Reba McEntire, Maren Morris, Kristyn Harris, and Garrett Bradford. Take a tour and visit with Aarom to begin the journey of capturing the best version of yourself and the art that you work so hard to craft.